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Oakglade, southern/east town close to coast, roads north and south, small road west to Cylamic (Orc town). Mountains to southwest. North-east to a pech town on the coast, farther north the better paved the road is. Eventually ending in the capital of Gilgalad.

Collection of races, few thousand inhabitants, saurians, pechs, small encampments all over the place.

Oakglade recently displaced riders to spread word they seek more land, any way possible. “Legally”

Largest Goblin clan: Weasel Spine, best organized
A few Orc clans, largest: Snug-Rot

3 random Root-walkers from Quindle-star (forest elvish city) Forn

A few giants here and there.

A few lairs here and there. Not many ancient ruins.

Yorrick the giant. Carnelian cloak. Valken’Ra the drake (Sir Winks-A-Lot) with Myarg the Orc mercenary. Mal the Mystical. Talonus Vizzini. Stein Ravenwing. Alen’ni.

Giant, goblin, drake w/Orc, human, human, human,

What are you here for?
Captain of guard is a pech, Kell Moss-Cloud
Can only act in defense.
Mayor: human, Oddvar Halsten. Not a nobleman,
3 nights free room and board.
Innkeeper: Orc Gaztek the terrible-forge. “The hungry halfling”
City has wooden palisades, not too well defended.

Cloak goes to the weasel spine goblin camp, “joins” the weasel spine clan, goes to toenail bitter clan, weasel spine gains a few more goblins

Yorrick goes to talk to the giants, Mal and Alen’ni goes to talk to root walkers
Stein goes to find/repair banners with

Mal and Alen’ni: one rootwalker agrees to join the fight with the
Yorrick finds two stone giants around a fire, he seeks Great-Oak Thunderstride, the leader of the root clans, handed down by the elder of the stone clan

Stein finds a small necklace along with several banners.

Becky, Job, Josh, Will.

Job pulls the goblin leader away and tries to convince him to gather all the goblins, he doesn’t buy it so Job attacks him. Job kills the goblin leader and takes his sash of office. He’s now at 22 goblin “warriors”.

The Giants and Will/Becky pass by one another, Becky notices the giants, and the party moves to avoid them.

The giants approach the rootwalker position, the rootwalkers notice, and Josh keeps walking towards them. After an exchange of boulders, they both move in to fight. They kill the two Rootwalkers

Job has decided to rename the clan Sniffile-Piff (some of the goblins don’t quite get it). Clan belch is next on the hit list, Job goes off alone, there’s about 6 of them. The goblins agree to go with him. Up to 28 goblins.

The three engage the orcs. Rootwalker dies. Kill 6 Orcs
125 exp.
462 silver
4 silver worth of raw materials

Job now has 35 goblins, heads north towards the orcs
Big battle: we fight 15 orcs,
126 exp.
798 silver.
30 silver of raw material
3 consecrating oils
4 mage armor oils
315 each.
8 goblins live.

Fantasy Craft 4/6/13

Present: Job, Joe, Josh, Will, Becky
Saurian comes in, man who knows too much
Talk about this soul star thingy, located in the village of Andra

Guy from alda comes in, screams about the church, and falls critically wounded
Demon fog starts rolling in
Man is a human military scout
Raveners come over the wall

Job and co. stabalize the man, drag him inside

We kill strange zombies,
The dudes name is Hurtegar
He visited here looking for the soul stone
We find the journal of his stuffs


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