Languages – People / Areas / Cultures that speak it
Common – don’t count this as your native, everyone knows it

Goblin – Plains and some Mountain regions (Sad combination of Giant and Common)

Giant – Mountain

Elven – Elves, rare Forest

Deep Speach – Dwarves, nderground races

Primordal – Rootwalkers / ‘hearing the wind’ / Anywhere

Draconic – Drake, Wizards

Infernal – Demons / Devils

Gafat – Thieves, Pirates, anything said in this is not ‘on record’

Kaffir – Businessmen, Merchants, Lawyers so nothing gets misunderstood

Sireniki – Highborn, Nobles, flattery and melodic

Tangut – Swamps, practically dead language of Saurians when they had taken over most of the world

Beastial – Language of animals (you can talk to animals and understand them, but like Primordal, you can’t get sentences, just basic ideas)


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